Especially If You Also Want To Be Seen

You increase your ‘thought leadership’ position by sharing knowledge. By creating valuable content in which you show your expertise, you are seen as an authority in that field. You don’t have to deal with a full house online. So you can generate an Azerbaijan Phone Number relatively large number of leads with one webinar. Even with free versions of video conferencing software, you can invite 75 to 100 participants. You can record and reuse a live webinar. This way you only have to give a webinar once to reap the benefits later. It is easy to follow a webinar. People don’t have to travel to watch a webinar.

You Also Want To Be Seen

This is different when you give a workshop in real life. People also give a webinar a chance faster because they can easily leave it again. That’s how you do it Choose one clear topic. What exactly do you want to say? How does this align with what you have to offer your prospects? Choose whether you want to give a live webinar or share a pre-recorded webinar or course series. Choose the video conferencing software that is most useful to you. Zoom is a popular one, but Jitsi Meet or Cisco Webex are also good options. Engage a webinar host who will do the introduction and ask questions. You can also invite a guest once, such as a partner or customer. Look up the interaction via poll and chat functions.


Want To Be Seen

Always make a recording. You can use this later as a lead generation tool. 2. Which celebrity are you? ‘Find out which celebrity you are!’ is a type of test that you have probably come across on Facebook. Such a test may seem silly at first glance, but it is a smart concept to apply in the business market. For example, you can develop a test in which your prospect finds out which of your services best suits their needs. Why is this a good idea? People like a suitable solution for their specific problem. Such a test is a way to offer someone a personalized solution without actually having a conversation with someone.

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