Ethical Internet Marketing Can Learn From Spammers

Spammers make a fortune online. Just to give you an idea, last year’s Russian investigation found that spammers were making fake and selling fake pills online. Every spammer is making an average of $4600 per day. Of course, spammers exploit the “law of large numbers” to achieve these results. But you also need marketing experience to make over $1.5 million a year selling fake stuff to people who would rather shoot themselves in the left foot than listen to you. As I started looking more closely at their tactics, I discovered some valuable lessons marketers should know. 1. Go there for the fish What are the

Ever Wonder How Scammers

you can sell crappy products to a decent number of people. (No, we recommend). But because you have a high-quality product or service that is well known, you can sell it to many, many people . Who will turn back and tell their friends how amazing you are. There are plenty of places to get solid copywriting advice, including: The Copywriting 101 Series on Copy blogger (Free) Copy blogger’s Internet Marketing Smarties Newsletter (Free) Read classic Albania Phone Number List¬†books on copywriting (cheap) Take a paid copywriting course – one that focuses on persuasive writing, not pretty or “creative” writing (can be expensive, but worth it if you’re a serious marketer) Lesson: Copywriting is just as problematic as there are quality products or services. In some cases it’s even more problematic.

Conversion Rate Is Usually Lower

Albania Phone Number List
Albania Phone Number List

What you need to keep in mind, however, is that even great conversion rates are still pretty low on the plan of things. If you can get to 5 or 6% of your listings that convert into paying subscribers, you’ll do an excellent job. This means 95% of your listings will never cost you a dime. In fact, many marketers do well with a 1% conversion rate. This means that if you have 1,000 subscribers on your mailing list and you send an email talking about your latest product, you do well if 10 people buy it. Lesson: Numbers aren’t the only thing, but they do. If your main source of income is your website, learn how to get as much traffic as possible. If your main source of income is your email list, learn how to


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