Even If That Means Moving Country

Customers want an experience. Then I always have to think of Coolblue. It is basically one of the chains where you can buy stuff, both in the store and online. But they have designed the customer experience in such a way that it feels different. You don’t just buy a washing machine. That starts with the e-mails you receive, the delivery Uganda Phone Number person who calls, how it is delivered and the after sales. Anything for a smile. And suddenly that washing machine is no longer just a washing machine. What can you do to provide a better experience for your customers.

That Means Moving Country

That can start really small and then I have to think of the entrepreneur where I sometimes buy vintage clothing. The handwritten card that comes with it always makes me feel very special and keep coming back to her. Link physically with online We often keep the physical and online campaigns too separate. If you organize an event later (if the weather is possible), stream it live on social media . What you unleash live at an event cannot be compared to a social media campaign. And by combining the two, you reach a much wider audience. Actually, the title of the book says it all ‘Customers are people too’. That is really the message of de Bruijn.


Means Moving Country

With all the technology available, don’t forget that we all do it for people, each with their own needs, desires and emotions.Since the corona crisis, administrators and politicians have proactively started to communicate. You see that live streams on Facebook and Instagram are widely used and that webinars are held via Zoom, for example. How do you ensure that your livestream is a success? At first sight, the live stream seems to be an ideal medium for making personal contact with your audience and strengthening ties from a distance. It is also very important that municipalities can continue.

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