Would Experience What Our University

And if it rains? Then the shops are covered with the help of advanced technology. Can you imagine what the shopping street will look like in 2030? Circularity and sustainability are important for customer experience In addition. You will soon find a 3D printer in every store so that you can immediately take your personalized product with you. And what South Africa Phone Number makes me very happy: circularity and sustainability are becoming even more important. This generation considers that an important part of the customer experience. Brands that stand for something and really show it. This means that sub-concepts are becoming more and more common.

Experience What Our University

Win Trip winners shared plenty of content themselves via Instagram Stories, as influencers. Some examples of Instagram Stories shared by the Win a Trip winners Our hope that with this promotion we would not only reach five winners, but also their own network, also quickly became reality. From the very first moment during the visit, the winners received questions from friends and fellow students about their experiences with our university and the city. One of our winners even called her brother within hours to say that this would be an interesting.


What Our University

Even after the trip, a number of winners have the report of their visit to Eindhoven. As a highlighted Instagram Story on their profile, and it appears. That they still have regular contact with the students who supervised them during their visit. Ambassadors All in all, a very successful campaign, which we have now launched for two different target groups (bachelor’s students and master’s students). With similar results. With a limited budget, we have introduced our target group to the atmosphere at our university, our campus and our city in an authentic way.

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