The Boon Of Language Extends Even Further

The spot aired the day ViacomCBS sent President of Youth Entertainment & Youth Brands Chris McCarthy an internal memo stating: “While I am not a person of color and can never fully understand this experience, I am offended by the systemic Ghana Phone Number racism and want to stand together with our communities of color in the hurt and pain McCarthy continued in the letter. “We must all do our part—discrimination against one of us is discrimination against all of us. Also, read The 10 most striking and best brand campaigns of 2021 1. Nike – For once don’t do it You can expect something from a brand like Nike.

Language Extends Even Further

It is therefore difficult to choose between two top campaigns that followed each other in 1 week. Unplanned, because the video Nike published during the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd is one that will not have been on the marketing calendar. And that you can express what it is about so strongly in words and images at such a moment is incredibly clever of Wieden + Kennedy (the agency behind all Nike campaigns). Plus point for competitor Adidas who also shared Nike’s video. Look at them both. do it . Storytelling in 2020: what’s next? It’s a few coffee grounds, although we expect that the coming months will not be very different.

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Extends Even Further

Various studies have shown that an economic crisis is the time to work on branding (think of content marketing, storytelling, engagement on social media, etc. in order to benefit from this in the long term. We, therefore, recommend not letting go of the reins in the second half of 2020, but looking further into the possibilities of building your brand. Strong brand communication is showing what you stand for. Do this, and who knows, maybe your brand will be in the top-10 list by the end of this year! As a copywriter, I celebrate the efficiency and beauty of language every day. Not even specifically the Dutch language, but from the concept of language. Without language, I should have introduced myself to you with gestures and guttural sounds.

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