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Also read: Eradicate writing language in your Kenya Phone Number text: the ultimate tip You do not appeal to that customer by being ‘standard’, because after all, there are thousands of career coaches in the Netherlands. Do #5: provide a clear call-to-action A good call-to-action Kenya Phone Number makes it easy for your visitors to contact you. And that is exactly the purpose of copywriting! You do this by closing a paragraph with a catchy sentence, followed by a striking button. You can make Kenya Phone Number the button stand out by using a different color, making it larger or ‘indented’. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s clear how your visitors can contact you or buy your offering. Do you

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Texts out of your sleeve or do you Kenya Phone Number find it difficult to apply copywriting? These ten do’s and don’ts will get you a lot further! The corona crisis is hitting the Dutch economy hard. Despite the financial support measures from the  Kenya Phone Numbergovernment, CBS writes that more than half of the companies fear for their survival if the corona crisis continues much longer. 56% of small companies, including the countless innovative startups in the Netherlands, fear Kenya Phone Number that the curtain will fall within 6 months if the crisis continues in its current form. According to author Tony de Bree of the action book ‘ Survival strategy.

Kenya Phone Number

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Therefore important to act NOW. It is now, more Kenya Phone Number than ever, a matter of sink or swim for your startup. The transition from a growth strategy to a survival strategy Most startups follow a so-called ‘growth strategy’. In practice, this is a strategy in  Kenya Phone Number which a lot of (external) capital is attracted in order to acquire a large market share within a short period of time. The consequence of this strategy is that startups often show deep red financial results in the Kenya Phone Number  early years. The corona crisis is now throwing a spanner in the works for many startups. External capital providers are withdrawing their investments and consumers and companies.

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