For Example During Pregnancy

The user can be recognized by looking at the weight. In the event that it is not clear which user is involve for example with temperature measurement. you must link the user to the measurement in the app. A Box can be used by several people. The advantages One Iran Phone Number of the benefits involves measuring blood pressure. Normally, blood pressure after a heart attack is only measure during a visit to the hospital. Now the doctor gets a weekly measurement. Also important, this encourages blood pressure measurement in people over 40, which the Heart Foundation encourages.

Example During Pregnancy

High blood pressure is a silent killer, a cardiologist once told me. Just watch this video. The hardware side of the box is a relatively inexpensive home measurement solution. There are multiple boxes with different hardware for a specific purpose. A box that is used after heart surgery costs about 300 euros can be reuse by several patients. Boxes for patients who have had a myocardial infarction (also known as a heart attack) can hold most devices. Other cardiology centers such as CCN, for example, also have a service ( Hartwacht ) with a device that can register the suspicion of AFIB. This is even reimburse by some health insurers, which is of course smart.


But Data Is Not Information Yet

Prevention is better than cure. Already before COVID The LUMC had already planned this project for COVID-19. A Ph.D. student (Roderick Treekens) did his dissertation on it to see if it provided good or even better care, increased patient satisfaction, and perhaps lowered costs. The answer is generally ‘yes’, but it is difficult to draw firm conclusions due to the relatively small size of the patient population. The final research report on costs and effects is expecte in a few weeks. The study on clinical data and patient satisfaction have already been publishe. A student who did research on e-health. PhD candidate Roderick Treskes – Photo: Josje Deekens But the Box can also be use for other patient groups that need to be monitore.

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