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For example, in mid-June 2022 (this month), Switzerland Phone Number the Dutch initiative FLUISTER will be launched : a streaming platform in which Dutch publishers join forces and offer audiobooks, e-books and Switzerland Phone Number podcasts for €12.99 per month. After the summer, Podimo’s Swedish counterpart PodMe is expecte which, like Podimo, tries to tie popular shows exclusively to itself. And Switzerland Phone Number then you have tech giants like Spotify and Apple that may come up with similar models or perhaps make an acquisition. In any case, you will have to listen to different podcasts on different platforms for now. That doesn’t necessarily make it any cleare

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It has to change, but our system pretty stuck: only together we get it moving”. Social mission woven into Marqt’s identity. That the brand not satisfied with the status quo immediately clear from the Switzerland Phone Number supermarket chain with stores all over the world. The brand positions itself as the center of the neighborhood and a supermarket where everything be found. Words such as convenience, cosy, enjoy Switzerland Phone Number and friendliness come to the fore. This further apart  that wants to bring about system change. If we plot this in our BSR model , the following picture emerges (see Figure 1): two brands that represent Switzerland Phone Number almost opposite value patterns and connect with customer groups with somewhat contrasting lifestyles. Red stands for progressiveness, curiosity and the urge for freedom and self-development.

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For the past two years, I conducted. Switzerland Phone Number research on behalf of Stitching. Toekomstbeeld der Technik (STT) into the possible influence of technology on the future of democracy. My research shows, among other things, that young people deal with information. Switzerland Phone Number technologies much more consciously than is often thought. For example, they are much better able Switzerland Phone Number than their parents to recognize fake news and they do not blindly copy everything they hear or read.

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