Ford Launches the First Remote-controlled Electric Scooters

The technology is the work of Tortoise, which has been developing this type of system for a long time. And the first to arrive will be 300 units of these three-wheeled scooters which will be tested in the North American state of Idaho. But this year the idea is to spread throughout the country. And jump the pond to have several fleets in Europe. With Go2scooter , we decided to determine its effectiveness. But those who see the Ford Spin S-200 taxiing without a pilot. Ford Launches the First Remote-controlled Electric Scooters

Or operator above them will surely think that no one is piloting them. First they plan India Phone Number List to expand across North America. But this year they want to be in Europe and, why not, Spain. electric scooter The electric scooter that will come to your home when you book it Spin. Ford Launches the First Remote-controlled Electric Scooters.

Electric Scooters With Remote Control

This technology will allow a driver to call an electric scooter located several blocks away and drive to the desired pickup location. The city will receive up to 300 S-200 electric scooters. Ben Bear, Spin’s Director of Business Development, explains: “There has been a lot of communication around the potential of remote control scooters, but this partnership marks a turning point, with concrete operational plans that really mean bringing this technology to the streets.

In addition to providing greater reliability for consumers and more order in cities, it could significantly improve the economy of units, reducing their carbon emissions and the operational work required to properly maintain and park fleets”.

America, First Proving Ground

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With the remote control, operating personnel will bring any S-200 to the desired location. Eventually, electric scooters with a dead battery will automatically go to the nearest Spin Hub to charge. Tony Ho, Vice President of Global Business Development for Segway. We believe it is an important development. That marks the beginning of a kind of technology that can unleash. The full potential of micro-mobility. , in its practical and operational use.

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