Four steps to do in-depth data analysis Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

Many students are confused when analyzing problems: how to do deep excavation? How far will you dig? A bunch of indicators have highs and lows, how do you see them?

Today, I will share with you the system, how to dig deeper into the problem.

The simplest reason analysis is to make a subdivision comparison in a single dimension. For example, after analyzing why the performance did not meet the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number standard, and subdividing it, it was found that 2 of the 5 branches did not meet the standard. Then the analysis conclusion is: “Because the two branches did not meet the standard, the performance did not meet the standard”!

Level 0 Depth

Since single-dimensional segmentation can be done, multi-dimensional segmentation can also be done. The most common is to pull the cross table. For example, why is the performance not up to standard? Pull out the dimensions of products, users, branches, etc. to intersect with the performance Saudi Arabia Mobile Number goals, and then list the differences in each dimension one by one. Many students are doing problem analysis, but they are actually doing this…

However, the matter is not over yet, we will still ask: Why do nail products fail? Is the congenital quality of this product not good enough, or is the later operation not in place? Notice! At this point, the problem Saudi Arabia Mobile Number changes. Whether it is “innate quality is not enough” or “later operation is not in place”, there is no way to directly measure it with an indicator. At this point, we need to convert the hypothetical reasons described in language into quantifiable and verifiable indicators.

Level 2 depth

Saudi Arabia mobile number
Saudi Arabia mobile number

For example, “innate quality is not good”, there are two points here:

  1. what is quality
  2. why not

Quality can be measured from the perspective of hardware such as product performance and configuration (requires second-hand data collection), or from the perspectives of user experience and word-of-mouth Saudi Arabia Mobile Number. To measure “no”, you have to find a reference, you can compare with your own previous generation products or competitors’ products in the same period (as shown below)

“Later operation is not in place”, the same is true, it can be further split. And because the operation involves several aspects such as promotion, promotion, and commodity turnover, each aspect must be looked at separately:

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