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You may not have a heart. 2. A Lonely Christmas One of my favorite commercials ever is the Christmas video of the German supermarket chain Edeka from 2015. Get the tissues ready. 3. A teacher is honored Turkish Airways honors a flight instructor. And in doing so, they create a commercial that is many times more effective than Belize Phone Number any traditional commercial. 4. Love has no labels I have nothing to add to this. 5. Green in the ice In this beautiful commercial, it is only in the last three seconds that it is revealed who the message comes from. Despite (or maybe because of that) you keep watching.

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Well done. 6. Nothing is as it seems A class of Japanese schoolgirls has a secret. With this advertisement I am going to give a bit of information in advance: the sender is a manufacturer of make-up. Try to guess how it ends while watching the video. 7. Without love it’s just a party One more time Eddie. They deserve to be on this list twice. 8. Paint of Life A car manufacturer committed to the safety of cyclists? Indeed! 9. Every firearm has a history I would never spotlight a firearms commercial. However, I would like to make room for a film against the use of weapons. 10. Eating together The Dutch supermarket Plus did an Edekaatje in 2017.


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This video dares to show a different side of Christmas – a Christmas in which divorced parents play a role. Something different from all those ‘perfect’ families you usually see in Christmas commercials! A worthy end to this list. Streamers and website owners alike are in the midst of the competition and are looking for ways to engage people. And with several streams that have millions of subscribers, it can be very instructive to take a foray into this business. What can we learn from the people who play games every day and stream this live? Wait a minute, what do we mean by streamers here? By streamers we mean the gamers who stream live content on Twitch and Facebook, or people who upload content on YouTube.

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