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As at the end of each year, the time has come to take stock. We see best, summaries and other compilations and syntheses springing up everywhere. Not to deviate from the rule, as well as those who contribute to make it known! You will of course a selection of 10 tickets not to be missed. Top 10 referrers Thank you to the 10 blogs that Romania B2B List brought me the most traffic this year! There, Friendspin Seppukoo.

Twitter is in the lead. 1 – Presse-Citron : Who does not know it yet? 2 Freeware’s & tutorials : an excellent blog to find free resources for software and other freeware. 3 – Greek : One of my favorite HT blogs. Or how to publish quality content without taking the lead. 4 – Television of yesteryear and tools of today: a rare quality of writing used to analyze the changes and challenges of tomorrow’s web. Friendspin Seppukoo.

Summaries and Other Compilations and Syntheses

Banana split : blog of beauty products for blogs  Fred zone the one and only, the essential. Web news cocktail :the web seen from Brazil! To read.or the story of a retraining in we mastering. Top 10 linkers These 10 blogs are the ones that placed the most links to the Moderator’s blog (according to Mikio labs). I removed those already present above.

Thank you ! 1 – Jean-Marie Gall : an essential blog on web 2.0 tools. 2 – Antoine Dupain’s blog: relevant further than a simple copy/paste, it feels good. 3 – Blog Radar : information on French-speaking blogs. A near who blogs in web two : favorites and moods of a versatile blogger.

Top 10 Linkers These 10 Blogs Are the Ones

 Romania B2B List

Here are a few selected pieces, somewhat randomly I admit.  facing hadopi emule or torrent : you understood everything. “paca nightclubs” : the Macumba is always a safe bet. 3 – number of women : there is that. 4 – blog filledenudee : oh no, not here.

5 – Naked woman animation on my desktop pc : I’m sending you an email, but shhh…6 –as a last tribute to michael jackson, i made a site where you can share your memories, your favorite songs, your drawings, anecdotes or quite simply your impressions. this space is created in memory of Michael Jackson, this memory we all have a chapter of it; it therefore belongs to each and every one of you.

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