From 4 aspects, summarize the interaction design details of the B-side form

There are certain rules and logic in visual and interaction in design. When designers can master some relevant design laws, no matter what design innovation they do, they will be more accurate and efficient. However, summarizing these laws requires a lot of practical work experience or industry case analysis and demonstration, and perfecting a logic requires great effort. If someone has already summed up the relevant design rules and logic for us to learn, then we should not miss it easily. ——《Law and Logic – User Experience Design Rules》

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1. Instant verification

While we ensure that form questions are clear and provide meaningful input hints, there are always questions that have more than one answer. At this point, direct feedback helps to again ensure that the user’s response is valid. This real-time communication method is called instant verification.

Filling out a form is a dialogue between the system and the user, and the user may not know if the answer is correct. So it is very important to confirm their answer. Usernames are a common example, users don’t know which usernames to use, so they just keep trying until they do. This process requires a form to help the user, informing what is unavailable and what is available.

If the form can’t help, the situation will become very bad, the user needs to constantly guess the user name and enter the verification code, and click OK to Albania Phone Number know whether it can be used.

1. Confirm

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For example: I enter the city “Wu” and it will bring up cities related to “Wu. Using instant suggestions to help users provide valid answers to travel destinations;


Some questions don’t have a well-defined answer.But have well-defined limitations, and in this case, instant verification also comes into play.

For example: Feishu adds a conference room, and the maximum number of characters for the note is 100 characters. A counter will be displayed below the input box to show how many characters the user can input. This type of on-the-fly validation helps avoid potential errors due to exceeding input limits.

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