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Misleading Frame In a misleading frame ( misleading content ) information Singapore Phone Number  sha unilaterally in order to frame something or someone in a certain way. There  often nothing wrong with the information itself. But the problem is, the information doesn’t tell the whole story. Or that it is (consciously or unconsciously) misinterpreted. The misleading frame often popped up during the corona crisis, for example in the discussion Singapore Phone Number about vaccines. Science journalist Maarten Keulemans often speaks out on Twitter against this kind of fake news. For example, in the tweet above, he debunks the message that the Pfizer vaccine is deadly.

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Singapore Phone Number the study group were related to the vaccine. But that does not tell the person who shares the original message. In this way, correct information can also mislead. Also read: Deep fakes: how AI makes fake news even more dangerous 4. Misleading Context In misleading Singapore Phone Number context ( false context ) we are still dealing with information that is true in itself. But with this form of fake news, the information is placed in a different context. For example, think Singapore Phone Number of old information that is presented as new. Screenshot of Abbie Richards’ Tweet about fake news.

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Found that a sound clip from  Singapore Phone Number February has  reus in more than 13,000 TikToks in recent weeks in combination with other videos. This way everyone can pretend that they are in the middle of the war. 5. Deceptive Source The next form of fake news involves the source of the information. At the deceptive Singapore Phone Number source ( imposter content ), malicious distributors of fake news pose as reliable sources. As a result, the misleading information can still come across as reliable to some people. Screenshot of fake news website ‘De Telegram’ For example, look at the screenshot above of a website that  Singapore Phone Number  pretends to be De Telegraaf.

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