Getting Hired After a Recruitment Buzz Is Possible

Perceived as clumsy and unsuited to job search. The observation is the same on the editorial side: even the best video CVs and other original attempts have had little return. Fortunately, some pull out of the game and come out brilliantly. This was already the case with Emma candidate, it’s now done for Bernard Maurine who runs the Hungary B2B List Aparna employment blog .Getting Hired After a Recruitment Buzz Is Possible

You probably remember the process that she started a few months ago. CV distribution in the TGV, creation of an original CV and even setting up a panel to display your research! He was not satisfied with that, the list of his actions is long,

Perceived as Clumsy and Unsuited to Job Search

Judge for yourself: Registration to the Codirection association skills assessment with Right creation of a website more than 200 job applications sent 65 “Software package documents 100 what is your opinion” documents English immersion course creation of a blog development of contacts on documents more than 18 job fairs registration for the business 44 club ”entrepreneurs club. This strategy paid off, as Bernard found a job shortly before the holidays! He is now Commercial Director of the start-up Pungwe , a specialist in website monitoring.  Proof that recruitment buzz can work, even if it’s not always the case. Congratulations to Bernard!

Right Creation of a Website More Than

Hungary B2B List

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