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When a disaster occurs, it is immediately  all hands Bolivia. Phone Number on deck and we pull out all the scenarios. There is plenty of media attention and the talk of the day is about the disaster. At a certain Bolivia Phone Number point, attention fades and the crisis seems to have settled. But nothing is less true. Because the after-phase in crisis communication can take a very long time and is just as crucial. We investigate the crisis after the crisis Bolivia Phone Number. And have a cup of coffee with Ina Strating, entrepreneur and crisis communication consultant.

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“I help during and after the crisis from a Bolivia Phone Number great social commitment. My heart is with people,” Strating says straight away. “Perhaps the foundation for this was laid in Kampen, where I was born and raised.” On her desk is a picture frame that reads: Learn from me. Then my loss and grief were not in vain. Or, as writer Sophia June puts Bolivia Phone Number it on the Nylon platform : I mean, surely TikTok doesn’t think it it needs to try to copy Instagram, right? It would probably be better if it didn’t. […]it’s an open secret that Instagram will one day become what Facebook is for Bolivia Phone Number boomers now: a graveyard of strange photographs and too-earnest social interactions. – Sophia June, Nylon.

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In her role as a communications professional, she Bolivia Phone Number felt personally touched some 12 years ago when she acted as an advisor and coordinator in a major incident in which a number of emergency workers lost their lives on the job. “I felt this personally, I realized Bolivia Phone Number that emergency workers and professionals can train and practice crisis communication well, but that alone is not enough. The emotional aspect Bolivia Phone Number should not remain underexposed, certainly not after the crisis. You cannot practice emotions, we should want to know and learn more about that.

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