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Face-to -face prospecting or cold door: it is one of the most difficult types for sellers who do not have experience. However, it is easier for those who have experience. The tool is yourself, your voice, your gestures, your outfit. Everything is important! It is always easier to close a deal in person than using any other means, such as the phone or email. Telephone prospecting: Bahamas WhatsApp Number List telephone prospecting is a very common technique for attracting customers. It is a type of ‘cold door’ but by phone. What must be considered? The voice! She will be your main tool to reach the client.

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The tone of your voice, your vocabulary. All these are elements that will make the difference between achieving it or not. From bloo media, we want to remind you that for this technique to bear fruit, it is important to specify in advance the arguments that you will use in each call, set a specific time and establish duration times for each contact. Email prospecting: this type of prospecting consists of capturing potential customers or generating quality leads through e-mails. Here what matters is not you, what matters is the design, the language used, the tone, the message. This action is called email marketing and it is the right way is key to the success of recruitment.

Types of Sales Leads

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In all the techniques used, it is essential to empathize with the potential client, emphasize the advantages of your product or service and remain calm. You can help yourself with free samples that help you close deals so that the client can see for himself the advantages of the product. The digital world has meant a before and after in customer prospecting. This field has advanced a lot, social networks and other platforms make life much easier in this work. Some tools to highlight are:it is a support material for sales. You can take mobile devices such as tablets, pcs, smartphones. To upload presentations and videos of the products or services you want to sell.

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