Have Held 10 Different Stakeholder

No, but seriously, because I am very sweet, as a person, and above all very sensitive and such, but I also have a sharp side, and that – how do you say me that – I show them quite often. Too often for the taste of a handful of people on LinkedIn. Good. I’m going to be nice, so. Those texts are not hell. Okay? But you better come up with something better for Sweden Phone Number that unreadable and impregnable vocabulary.) So how, how, how do you ensure that you create the feeling that you are actually talking to someone? I’ll have to think about that for a while. And I’ve done it a lot in this blog so far. (It’s all going to get very meta from now on, I’m warning!) Thinking out loud There is already an example in the previous sentence.

Held 10 Different Stakeholder

I mean, the previous previous sentence: ‘I’ll have to think about that for a while.’ Thinking out loud. Don’t give your answer right away, but just say what you think or feel. That’s one way I do it. I’ll just say that because it’s not math or science. I explain – perhaps too explicitly, who knows – what I do to create an atmosphere of sizzling intimacy between you and me. Or well, yes, as the questioner says, like sitting next to you and feeling like I’m actually talking to you. Also read: Be negative! Do your customers & followers like “I’ll have to think about that for a while.” That way you take people along in your own thinking.


Different Stakeholder

That is very nice, so someone can follow your thoughts. Do you understand? Asking questions A second way that I often use is to ask a question. Did you see that already? That I do? Meta meta this is, right? By doing that, you grab someone’s attention over and over again. You can also open an email or a message. ‘Like this. Nice home again? What a mess, huh? Holidays. Oh? You like it. Fine. Everyone has their own preferences.’ Here I am suggesting that the other is talking with me. Because in my head I hear someone say ‘oh, I love a holiday!’ I’m just making that up, but that’s the fun part: you know someone is reading, right? It really is! parentheses The 3rd way I choose to create that ‘sitting next to you atmosphere’ is to put things in parentheses every now and then.

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