Help Search Engines Find Out What Your Website Is About

How useful it is in responding to users looking for information on this topic or business niche. To optimize for this area, you need to do some keyword research and create a lot of quality content that is optimized for these keywords. Some essential tasks within seo on page are: keyword research and analysis : Help Search Engines Find Out What Your Website Is About.

this involves  Saudi Arabia phone number list researching the most searched terms on google for your business niche and preparing a list of the terms that best respond to users’ search intent for each page. Write a unique title and descriptions using the keywords you want to position for each page. Header tag optimization. Help Search Engines Find Out What Your Website Is About.

Image Optimization

A very nice image is useless if it is very heavy and slows down your website. Internal link . Increasingly important. By linking we are going to work on two things. First of all, we will give importance to the most relevant pages for us. The more importance the more internal links it should have. But, in addition to this, a good internal link can distribute the force that comes from the external links in an appropriate way.

What is commonly called link juice. Can you imagine performing this task for an online store with 40 categories and 100 products in each of them? Or for a ugc (user generated content) classified ads page where thousands of different pages are generated?

Positioning Is a Complex Task

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Web, positioning is a complex task, and that is why a good service will have an seo price adapted to the needs of the project. Off-page seo seo off-page has to do with the reputation of your website globally. Currently, one of the factors that most influences when it comes to positioning a web page in search engines is still the profile of backlinks (incoming links that point from other pages to your web page).

However, not all links are worth and in this case, quality is value much more than quantity. Google has long penalized the creation of links without any sense. Therefore, you must take into account:-domain authority link site page . A link from the same domain can be better or worse depending on the page within that domain.

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