How Google Rating Stars Can Help Increase

Earlier today, user reviews on Amazon saved me from wasting over $100 on a shoddy product with misleading photos. Moments after clicking “Add to Cart”, I scrolled through the customer reviews out of sheer curiosity. Several one star Kenya WhatsApp Number List reviews immediately caught my attention. Organic customer reviews can help you dodge bullets like I did this morning. But more importantly, a good Google rating based on real customer reviews can dramatically improve a business’s online presence and click-through rate. A 2014 local consumer reviews survey showed that 88% of consumers trust consumer reviews as much as a personal recommendation!

Rating Stars Work

In 2010, Google introduced “seller ratings” (star ratings) for businesses that paid Google Shopping for ad space at the top of search results pages. Soon, star ratings were also extended to organic search results, although certain conditions must be met to display them. Today, Google uses something called Rich Snippets to assign these ratings to organic results. Simply put, Rich Snippets are a form of structured data that Google uses to extract relevant information and display. It as a sort of preview right below search results. To come up with proper star ratings, Google takes rich snippets from several different “trusted” third-party review sites (which they refuse to name).

How to Get Your Stars

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The star rating for a given search result is the average of all such reliable ratings. Why is Google Rating Stars so useful? According to a recently updated article from Google Adwords. Displaying seller ratings below your text ads can increase your ad’s click-through rate by up to 10%. And that’s just data collected by companies that pay for Google ad space, not organic search data. Amidst all the blue links and faded gray text on every page of Google search results, a row of bright stars jumps out at the reader. Within seconds, your Google rating lets strangers know that your site is legitimate enough to have garnered honest reviews from previous customers.

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