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The system encourages evaluation of each cluster by requiring workers to evaluate each cluster before evaluating the entire set of clusters The system provides each cluster with the maximum number of high-quality or important search terms to help Belize Phone Number assess redundancy between clusters in a cluster set The system facilitates consensus on the refinement of a cluster set, such as merging two clusters in a cluster set, removing a cluster from a cluster set, or removing a specific topic or search term from a cluster can automatically change the cluster set definition.

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The least number of When workers recommend the same improvement Search results clustering patents can be found at: Crowdsourcing Evaluation and Refinement of Search Clusters : April 11, 2016 Abstract Implementations Belize Phone Number provide an improved system for presenting search results based on entity associations of search terms. An example method includes, for each of the plurality of crowdsourcing workers, initiating displaying to the crowdsourcing worker a first set of clusters randomly selected from the plurality of sets of clusters. Each cluster set represents a different clustering algorithm applied to a set of search terms in response to a query.

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The method also includes receiving a cluster rating for the first cluster set from the crowdsourcing. Worker and computing a cluster set score for the first cluster set based on the cluster rating. Repeat for the remaining cluster Belize Phone Number sets in multiple cluster sets. The method also includes storing a cluster set definition of the highest scoring cluster set associating. The cluster set definition with the query and using the definition to display search terms responsive to the query. Crowdsourcing Evaluation Essentials I find this patent interesting because of the use of human evaluators. Who don’t rank search results, but rank and optimize for the best clusters of search results.

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