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Much of his work is based on the religious philosophy of the Far East. When people read Siddhartha, they don’t take this book as a relaxing read. They learn from it. It took Hesse many years to understand this Russia Phone Number philosophy. There are plenty of modern writers inspired by the same concept (Coelho and Sharma, I’m looking at you), but they haven’t even reached Hesse’s level of excellence. That’s because they don’t know enough, so their work looks superficial to the true connoisseur. Here’s what Hesse said of his trip to India: ” I worshipped Buddha for many years and read Indian literature since I was a child.

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Later I became more familiar with Lao Tzu and another Chinese philosopher. My trip to India Just a small addition and clarification to these ideas and research. ” Learn. This sounds serious, doesn’t it? Well, if you want to be Russia Phone Number the best writer you can be, you have to take it seriously. Whether you focus on fiction or content marketing; the need to learn is still relevant. And this feature is the secret of content marketing. As a content marketer, you cannot specialize in all areas. You have to choose a niche. If you already have your own blog or business, then you know what you have to keep learning.

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If you’re a freelance writer, you might think there’s a lot of room for flexibility, but let’s face it: You write your best content when you tackle a subject you know. Choose your niche. research this knowledge. The more you Russia Phone Number more value you offer your readers. conflict is good Can you think of a single masterpiece in literature that does not involve conflict? This is an integral part of the plot. Do you want an example? Of course! The Great Gatsby would be great! We see Gatsby spend his life trying to show how rich and successful he is. Everyone wants to go to his elaborate party. But the woman he wanted to see didn’t show up.

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