How to Add an Instagram Slider Widget to WordPress

Looking for an easy way to add an Instagram slider to your WordPress site? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available, and many website owners spend a lot of resources producing high-quality content on the platform. You can take Training Directors Email Lists  advantage of this by adding an Instagram slider on your website. How to Add an Instagram Slider Widget to WordPress

This will allow you to view these images from your account as well as others. This will not only add content to your website, but it can also help you build your own presence on Instagram. Today I’m going to show you how to add a slider using the Social Slider Widget plugin. How to Add an Instagram Slider Widget to WordPress

Why Add an Instagram Slider in WordPress

Why Add an Instagram Slider in WordPress? Images play a big role in most websites and remain popular. However, they have a few issues. The first is the amount of space they take up on your pages. Although you can create images of any size, they still require space, which can be a problem. Especially when you take mobile screens into consideration.

There just isn’t a lot of room. So when you have a lot of images to show, it creates a problem The second is the file size of the images. The main reason for a page to load slowly is usually because the images or videos on the page are not optimized properly.

Installing the Social Slider Widget

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And as a visitor, we can all agree that slow websites are not good experiences. Speed ​​is also a factor that search engines use to rank your website, so it can really impact your site. Sliders solve both of these problems.

A slider requires only one space on a page to display multiple images. This completely solves the space problem on mobile sites. Many sliders use lazy loading, which means a page will only load the image it needs. This prevents a large number of images from loading at the same time, which prevents slow loading speeds.

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