How to Add Bundled Products in Woocommerce Store

WooCommerce bundled products work much the same as normal categories and tags when writing posts in WordPress, meaning they can be created, edited, and selected at any time. This can be done when you first create a product or come back Grenada B2B List and edit it or the particular category/tag. In this article, I will walk you through how to set up bundled products in WooCommerce. How to Add Bundled Products in Woocommerce Store.

So let’s start. WooCommerce bundled products are a combination of one or more products that you can purchase together into one product. For demo, I will create a simple product setup, let’s see what it’s like to work with a bundled product. What I’m going to do for our WooCommerce bundled products is create a book and a bundle of eBooks. How to Add Bundled Products in Woocommerce Store.

Create a Simple Product for a Book and an Ebook

Apart from that, I add a long description and other things like tags, categories, etc. You can also add a price and other product details, if needed. Now go to Related Products to select the parent product from the Grouping drop-down list .

There’s nothing else we really need to do in this section, unless we want to remove the upsell or cross-sell from a product, for which we add attributes or one of the custom options. Now we need to go back and create a simple product for a book and an ebook and assign them to be part of this set. So we’re going to create a new product called book.

Set Up Bundled Products in Woocommerce

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Here you need to add the same details we added earlier, for example, product name, description, etc. For better understanding, see the screenshot below. Next, enter the weight and dimensions. In this case, a kilogram is probably not the best unit since a book like this can weigh much less than a kilogram. I will enter the dimensions 20 centimeters by 13 by 4.

At this point the product is a book and earlier I had set up a shipping class specifically for books. So I can select this custom category as the shipping class for the product. Note that the shipping cost would be different because the book is bundled with an ebook. This shipping class would be the only class that applies to the entire groped item.

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