How to Animate Text in WordPress With Shortcodes Ultimate

Animating chunks of text can be an effective way to grab a visitor’s attention. It’s easy to animate text in WordPress if you choose the right plugin for the job. If you want to skip the complicated CSS coding and animate text using a simple shortcode, Burundi B2B List we’ve got you covered. We will be using the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin to do text animation in WordPress. How to Animate Text in WordPress With Shortcodes Ultimate

With an impressive 60 animation options, the plugin is bound to have something that suits your application perfectly. It is worth mentioning that Shortcodes Ultimate does much more than just animate text. Progress bars, quotes, tooltips, sliders, carousels, tables – and that’s just a sample. We focus on animating text in this tutorial, but take the time to familiarize yourself with the plugin. How to Animate Text in WordPress With Shortcodes Ultimate

Configuring Animated Text Delay

It can cover a lot of bases (and replace a lot of other plugins). Installing Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin Login to your WordPress admin panel. In the left navigation column, hover over the “Plugins” link and click the “Add New” link. Most of the available parameters can be left with the default values ​​assigned by the plugin.

The only thing you might want to change here is to enable “Text Widgets” in the “Enable Shortcodes In” section. Animation options such as duration and delays are set using variables in the individual shortcodes. We’ll get to that in a minute. Ok, let’s animate some text in WordPress To start, we are going to animate a line of text on an existing page.

Installing Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

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Open a page in the WordPress editor and find the text you want to animate. Since we are animating a line of text in an existing block, we won’t be using a shortcode block. Instead, we’ll add the shortcode to an existing paragraph block. If you’re using the “classic” WordPress editor, you’ll use the same process we show here. When you save or publish the page, you can see that the animation effect takes longer to happen.

So increasing the duration doesn’t prolong the vivid effect we saw in the first example. Instead, the effect occurs in slow motion. Increasing the duration value can be use to create different effects. Whether you like these effects depends on the kind of impact you’re trying to make. The duration variable works with any number from 0 to 20.

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