How to Backup Your Woocommerce Store

Frauds and scams are now more prevalent than ever. There are so many things on your online store that can go wrong. From faulty product pages to insecure checkout, a single bug can net you thousands of dollars or more in customer value. You can avoid losing hundreds and thousands of dollars if you have proper security Italy Business Fax List measures and backups in place. Having timely backups of your eCommerce store is the best thing you can do to secure your store. And if something goes wrong, you can easily revert to the stable version of your online store.

Now let’s discuss three methods that can help you to backup WooCommerce store. Although I prefer to automate a backup policy (because it saves time), I still suggest that you also do a manual backup and keep a copy on a local machine, just to be very careful. A backup is very important for every website, whether it’s an e-commerce store, blog, web agency, or other online business.

Why Should You Backup Woocommerce

You can say a backup is a key for your website when it is down, you can just enter a key and your website will be up and running. These are the common scenarios where you need a backup for your WooCommerce store. Hackers: Running a quick Google search for “hacked WooCommerce store” showed that WordPress-based websites are regularly hacked. If it can happen to other stores, it could also be possible with your website.

Be careful! Human error: We are all human. We can make mistakes. For example, if you are an online store owner and you see in your WooCommerce dashboard, there is an update option available and you have not backed up your store. And suddenly your website goes down. To avoid all these fallouts, all you need to do is back up your WooCommerce store, but before that, you need to know what WooCommerce backup requires.

Cloudways Uses Amazon S3 for Backups

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Cloudways uses Amazon S3 for backups There is nothing more secure than Amazon S3. Launch your WooCommerce on Cloudways for maximum data protection. Start for free! What does a WooCommerce backup require? There are two things about a WooCommerce store that you need to safeguard; web files and WooCommerce database.

For a WooCommerce store, you need to take backups frequently because whenever a new customer registers or someone places a new order on your website, the WooCommerce database gets updated. Therefore, having the most recent backup is the best way to ensure that you don’t lose any data if your store crashes.

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