How to Connect Google Analytics With Woocommerce

Connecting WooCommerce to Google Analytics (GA) is quite simple and you have all the relevant data to make informed decisions. In this tutorial, I’ll go over integrating WooCommerce with Google Analytics and the importance of tracking your results overall. Google Analytics is the most revolutionary tool you can use to help you grow and further grow your business. So let’s see why. The first step is to install the plugin to help you configure GA for WooCommerce. How to Connect Google Analytics With Woocommerce.

My suggestion is that you either use Malta B2B List the plugin developed by the WooCommerce developers or the plugins they suggest or sell in their marketplace. The one I will be using today is the free WooCommerce Google Analytics integration. Add the plugin you need. search woocommerce ga plugin Once the plugin is successfully install and active, follow the message that appears above the list of plugins in the same window.

Woocommerce With Google Analytics and the Importance

connect woo-commerce toga Configure the Pugin By clicking on Connect WooCommerce to Google Analytics, you will be redirect to the plugin settings and you will be ask to insert your Google Analytics ID. You will now exit your WordPress admin dashboard to add this property to the GA account and obtain the Google Analytics ID needed for the rest of the process.

When you access your GA Home dashboard, click Admin in the lower left corner of your dashboard. ga home dashboard The next step would be to add a new account or property that depends on your GA structure. I created the new account under My Account → Create Account. create a GA account After naming your new account, you will be asked to create a new property.

The First Step Is to Install the Plugin to Help You Configure

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create a GA account name In this particular case. Since you are doing it against WooCommerce which is a web application. You would choose Web. Note: iOS and Android are other options and are specific to building apps. Choose the web in ga When you are done adding Web and entering your website URL. You need to complete the last step to connect WooCommerce store to GA. Simply copy-paste the tracking ID provided by GA into the plugin settings of your WordPress admin dashboard that you left open a few minutes ago.

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