How to Create a Job Board With WordPress

Creating a job board with Belgium Business Fax List WordPress is one of the easiest tasks you can do with the app. Although running a site is a completely different story, WordPress offers a number of different plugins that you can use to add a job board to your site in no time. How to Create a Job Board With WordPress.

In this article, we are going to explain how to create a job site with WordPress. This tutorial applies to those looking to create dedicated job posting sites as well as those looking to add to existing sites.

A job board is an online directory that recruiters and candidates can use to post and find available positions. Jobs are usually labeled by the company offering them. The date they are posted, and the shift and number of hours they are. How to Create a Job Board With WordPress.

With WordPress, a job board can be the whole subject of a website or just part of one. For example, if you blog about engineering, you can add a page for a job board featuring engineering jobs.

How to Create a Job Board With WordPress

We will be using a WordPress plugin called WP Job Manager for the purposes of this tutorial. It was developed by Mike Jolley, lead developer of WooCommerce, before being acquired by Automattic, the developers of WordPress. It is used on over 100,000 sites and has a 4.6 star rating in 2019.


Automattic has retained the freemium Mike pricing model built into the plugin. This means that you have access to the majority of its features for free, but you can extend them through premium add-ons.

Start by installing and activating WP Job Manager from the backend of your WordPress site, then run the setup wizard when prompted.

How the Job Site Works

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The Jobs page has a clean design by default, especially when you have no ads. Consider supplementing it with more content, such as an FAQ section explaining to employers and job applicants how to use the board. I was able to add one to the page with Elementor. You can also assign industry-specific tags to job postings with listing categories. Go to Jobs → Settings → Jobs and enable list categories to bring up the Job Categories menu item. You can then create a number of different categories and subcategories for your job board.

Some WordPress job board plugins have themes that integrate job board functionality. Although the solution we’re sharing with you in this article doesn’t require you to use a dedicated theme, its style stands out when you do.

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