How to Do a Content Audit on Your Website in 5 Steps

If, is a triumph! And with extreme competition. Even so, it is possible to use Google analytics to offer us. Certain, information that helps us improve the performance of organic searches. How? Through the queries report that will let us know. Which, are the search  Ghana WhatsApp Number List terms that attract the most traffic . Report-queries-web-traffic too easy: you must first have the search console account linked and verified. In, order to obtain this type of report. Acquisition search console landing pages or queries. At this point you will be able to analyze: the query terms. How to Do a Content Audit on Your Website in 5 Steps.

What Is It and How to Use It?

Additionally, identifies the worst positioned keywords and improves their optimization. Keywords-web-traffic 3. Leverage metrics and reports: kpis with all certainty, the google analytics tool is one of the most complete to carry out reports supported by a large collection of metrics. A kpi in google analytics is an objectively measurable performance indicator used to monitor, analyze and optimize user behavior on websites. Google analytics metrics, among other things, help to better achieve marketing objectives. Kpi-google-analytics-web-traffic it is possible to develop reports by including all kinds of kpis but which ones are the most appropriate? There is no single answer, the metrics and KPIs are link to the objective. You, determine: greater visibility, more sales, etc… How to Do a Content Audit on Your Website in 5 Steps.

It’s Easier to Identify the Right KPIs

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For your website if your goals are clearly defined. However, below we offer you those that should not be missing for a good monitoring of your website:-audience number of visits : thanks to this information you can determine how many  visitors you got, how many returned to your page and how many pages of your website they viewed. For a more meaningful analysis, you should set a date range. Session duration : you can see how long visitors stay on your website on average. Ratio of new vs. Returning visitors – google analytics uses cookies to determine whether a user has visited your site before or is a new visitor.

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