How to Do a Quick Backlink Audit

You probably already know that backlinks are the key to a good SEO ranking for your website. They attract new visitors to your site Norway WhatsApp Number List and improve your ranking in Google. But have you ever considered the importance of doing a backlink audit? Backlinks only boost your site if they are of high quality. Harmful backlinks can actually reduce your site’s SEO ranking, doing the opposite of what you want. You could even be penalized by Google for having too many unnatural or unhealthy backlinks. This would mean that you have to work very hard to recover from the penalty and get your SEO back on track.

Understand Link Auditing

Many people don’t fully understand the power and purpose of backlinks, let alone how a backlink audit works. That’s great: we’re here to show you what you need to know. The first step is to understand what link auditing does. A link audit will assess how well your current backlinks (or link profile) are working for your site. If there are bad links to your site, they will be revealed by the audit. Many companies charge a lot of money to get this valuable information for you. However, it is possible to do a link audit yourself with these next steps. You need to know which links are bringing people to your site when you prepare to do your backlink audit.

Perform the Analysis

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Fortunately, Google Search Console makes this task easy. Log in to Google, go to your dashboard and click on “Search traffic” in the left sidebar. Under ‘Search traffic’, click ‘Links to your site’. This will give you a total number of backlinks, as well as other useful information, like the anchor text used and the sites most linked to yours. If you think you have the time, you can do this, the heaviest part of the audit, by hand. This means that you would click on each link and rate it yourself. If there are only a few links to look at, that’s reasonable. However, you might have a large number of backlinks to wade through.

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