How to Downgrade WordPress to an Older Version

Did you know that it is possible to downgrade WordPress versions? Although in the vast majority of situations running the latest version of WordPress is the best option for your website, there may come a time when downgrading to an older version Kiribati B2B List may be more beneficial. However, as you might expect, this is not a built-in feature of WordPress. How to Downgrade WordPress to an Older Version

Instead, you’ll need to use a plugin to downgrade your current version. Before doing anything in this tutorial, I strongly recommend that you create a backup of your website. Today I’m going to show you how to do it with the WP Downgrade plugin. When Should You Downgrade WordPress? You shouldn’t go back to the previous version of WordPress on a whim. How to Downgrade WordPress to an Older Version.

Why You Shouldn’t Downgrade a WordPress Version

There are only a few very specific reasons why this should be done. The most likely include: If the latest version broke something on your website. If you need to use a backup to restore your website, but the backup is from a previous version. To downgrade an environment to an older version for testing. There are other reasons, but these are by far the most common why anyone will downgrade their current version of WordPress.

Apart from these, you should not revert to your current version of WordPress. Note: If you’re a beginner, I don’t recommend doing this at all. Downgrading WordPress, while easy to do, has a very high chance of messing up your website.

When Should You Downgrade WordPress

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Unless you are familiar with the other steps you need to perform, such as downgrading plugins, themes, and your PHP version, don’t. Why You Shouldn’t Downgrade a WordPress Version It is very important to realize that when you roll back a WordPress update, you make your website vulnerable. Each version update provides enhanced security that stops exploits and protects your website.

However, when you downgrade WordPress, your website is less secure. For this reason, it is not recommended to use an outdated version of WordPress. Not only does this make your website less secure, but it can even make themes and plugins incompatible if updated to their current version. This is because when a new version of WordPress is rolled out, most plugins and themes get an update as well.

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