How to Easily Add Image Enlargement Effects in WordPress

With device screens getting smaller and smaller, it’s more important than ever to offer your visitors the ability to easily enlarge images. An image magnifier allows you to “zoom in” to specific areas of an image. The rest of the image remains at its original size, with only the area of ​​interest enlarged. We’ve had the technology to enlarge images for Pitcairn Islands B2B List years, but implementing the effect has been complicated and time-consuming. How to Easily Add Image Enlargement Effects in WordPress

If you’re looking for a WordPress image zoom plugin to make your job easier, you’re in luck. We’ll be using the Image Hover Effects Ultimate plugin to get the effect in minutes. No code, no fuss, no fuss! Let’s cut to the chase. How to Easily Add Image Enlargement Effects in WordPress

There Are Eight Steps to Setting Up a Style to Enlarge Images

The way the plugin works, you create a “Style” image magnifier. The style controls how image magnification works and other configuration options. You can add multiple images to a style. All images of a given style are displayed together in one column on the page or post. There are eight steps to setting up a style to enlarge images, so this section is a bit long.

I have numbered the steps so you can take your time and follow along. 1. Access image hover In the left navigation column, hover over the “Image Hover” link and click the “Image Hover” link. You will see the three options to enlarge the images. One displays the enlarged image on the right, another displays it on the left, and the other displays the enlarged portion of the image above the original image.

Enlarge Images Using Image Hover Effects Ultimate

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Hover over the demo images to choose the option you want to use. In the “Media type” section, you have the option to choose an image from your media library or a URL. For this demonstration, we will select an existing image from the media library. In the “Image” section, hover over the title and click the “Choose an image” link.

We are now back to the “Image Hover Form” popup window. You should see the image you selected from your media library in the preview pane. I want the magnifying glass to be above the image, so I’m going to set the “Magnifier Position” to “None”

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