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Customer satisfaction not only drives revenue, but is also a source of testimony and case studies. This is the basis of most marketers’ conversion strategies.

Positive words from your customers build trust and motivate other customers. In fact, most B2B marketers consider customer feedback (89%) and case studies (88%) to be the most effective content marketing tactics, according to a Salesforce post that mentions B2B content marketing trends. ..

But getting loyal customers in a case study is not as easy as it sounds. It is often the most difficult part of performing a case study. It’s never a small thing for your best customers to take the time out of a busy schedule and talk about how your products and services helped them. Creating case studies by adding concerns about sharing proprietary information, regulatory hurdles, company policies, and long review cycles is a challenge.

According to @SashaLaferte, getting customers to agree to participate is often the hardest part of a #case study. Click to tweetIn addition Follow these tactics to convince your customers and get excited about participating in marketing case studies.


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Create a formal submission and request process

In the first place Many companies have formal rules for providing customer feedback. This allows you to extend the process if you want to Canada Mobile Number participate in a case study. Customers may need to consult with their legal department or senior management to obtain approval to continue.


Therefore, the first tactic to expand the case study pipeline is to create a formal process.

The first tactic to grow the #casestudy pipeline is to create a formal process, says @SashaLaferte. Click to tweet

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Meet your customer success, sales, and marketing teams to explain your marketing strategy and, ultimately, why you need a case study for successful sales. Enhance your pitch with these compelling marketing case study stats that we’re proud of.

Next, create a formal document outlining how to submit a marketing case study opportunity. It details how often a sales person or customer success person submits a name and the promise of time after the customer agrees to participate.


Ask your sales representative to provide the name of a possible subject for #casestudy and advise @ SashaLaferte. Click to tweetCreate an email template for your case study request that your internal team will use to make your customer’s request. Consider modifying one or more of these case study request templates.

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Take your solution to the next level and provide team members with incentives to recruit customers to participate in case studies. This is especially useful if you are struggling to get a case study due to lack of suggestions or cooperation from other teams in your company.


The disadvantage of this method is that it is a bandage approach. Incentives for employees with money can solve problems in the short term, but can be costly in the long term. It may also encourage substandard submissions. Therefore, create a short-term incentive plan and communicate your long-term approach to everyone in your organization. Use a short amount of time to motivate your team to propose happy and motivated customers with the support of relevant department heads.

Providing value to customers conducting case studies (and explaining it to customers)

Case studies are often of intrinsic value to customers as well. Explain how your customers will benefit from participating. Teach them how to link to their website, explain their positive results on social media, and advertise by email. For video-based case studies, we offer the use of B-rolls in our own promotional materials. It is mutually beneficial.


Explain the value of #casestudy to participating customers, says @SashaLaferte. Click to tweet

Find alternatives if customer policy limits or prohibits case studies

The company’s policy of restricting or prohibiting some customers from participating in case studies is a major obstacle. In some cases, customers with restrictive policies may agree to a case study that does not identify the company by name. This doesn’t have as much impact as having a brand name, but it can show potential customers how your product works for a similar company. And you are still benefiting from positive testimony.


If you have the time, another option is to do a group case study that summarizes reviews from multiple customers. Interview a large sample of your customers and create a case study based on the average results they see. This makes the information anonymous and provides statistics on customer feedback for use in other marketing materials.

If you’re still unlucky, try a different approach and start small. Take the time to build that case study relationship. First, as a customer, ask for a sentence quote or permission to place your company logo on your site.

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Start moving forward

Case studies provide proof-of-concepts to potential buyers, pushing viewers further down the goal-achieving process. It also acts as a powerful promotional tool. However, creating a case study requires a customer who is willing to share their experience with the product or service. Creating a plan to secure that permission and seeking help from your internal team is essential to the success of your short-term and long-term case studies.


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