How to Get Your Audience Interested in a Long

Stories are really how we make sense of the world. In my role as Content Manager Reblogger , I think quite a bit about what makes a good story . If you’re a normal person with any interest in others, you probably already have a good instinctual sense of stories. However, we can always do better. This is what I’ve been trying to use for different clients – including Reblogger – more than just an ongoing story arc using a piece of content. Let me tell you what I mean? Warning: This is not rocket science Anytime you’ve read or heard the words “Following [name]’s journey [feature]” – on TV, online, anytime – you see a long story arc in action.

How a Story Arc Works

Let me walk you through a content marketing plan that shows a very basic example of how using story arcs can add real value . It’s great, but the focus doesn’t lend itself to the fullest story. Put another way, you can come to the blog any day of the week and learn some great things from a single post. This blog is a one-time invaluable source of information. But other than thinking “I need my blogging income; wondering if Reblogger has any advice,” you probably won’t have a desire to come back to blogging on a regular basis. This is the old version of Japan Phone Number List marketing communications: we evoke the audience’s need to associate with the brand, and when needed, the audience thinks of our brand.

A Series of Articles

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Yes, the good old series can give readers a reason to come back day after day, week after week, depending on how you schedule your posts. cross promotion Another no-brainer Promote your series in other media. With customers post on other sites. in the video interview. on social media. through advertising. If you’re creative, these integrated promotions can be added to stories. For example, Darren may have been tweeted by after he learned something new and explained what he did as a result of it added to a series of stories surrounding the client post. For short series, that kind of cross-promotion happens at the same time in the first place.

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