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Image on Instagram : Achieve the engagement of your audience As we have said before. Instagram is no longer a social network for uploading photos only. Video plays an almost more important role. So don’t forget that. There are many ways to improve your brand image on Mexico phone number and get your best ambassadors . The key is in the engagement  and these are the best tips for it: image-of-your-brand-in-instagram 1. Content is king The users of all the RRSS are consumers of content so. First of all.

In the strategy to improve the image of your brand on Instagram you must work hard  so that it is related to the tastes of your community . Photographs. Infographics. Videos. Boomerangs… Your brand image is very important. And more so on Instagram. Define your style Mexico phone number try to make it consistent. Always using creativity that suits it and your identity. 2. Contests to rule them all A great step to take to improve your brand on Instagram is the contest or giveaway . This will be “ the ring to rule them all ”. And it is that.

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On a photograph in which a specific service or product is raffled. A large audience can be achieved. A community related to the service or product that you raffle in a short period of time. The process is simple. A simple striking image and a short text in which you mention the steps: Like Mexico phone number contest. Follow our brand and mention three of your friends. Easy. Fast and efficient . 3.Instagram ads Instagram is one of the social networks that allows sponsored content and that. In addition. Has very good conversion results in relation to its costs.

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Many of the users follow brands to keep up to date with their news and special promotions or contests. So promoting this or another type of content on Instagram can be a very good idea. There are already more than 2 million monthly advertisers on this social network. You already Mexico phone number that Instagram ad management is done from Facebook Business . A social network with which you share your ad campaign settings. Thus. You can choose if you prefer an ad to be promoted in one of them or in both. That is why you need to have a Facebook Fan Page to be able to create ads on Instagram .

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More and more companies are choosing to improve their brand image through advertising on Instagram . There are no longer just the typical posts among which a company can advertise. But with the Mexico phone number of Instagram Stories . A wide range of possibilities has been opened up to reach many more people through ads and in a much better way . More original . 4. Instagramers The fastest way to make your brand top: Youtubers or Instagramers ? The second would be more convenient than the first due to a more varied type of content.

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