How to Improve the Security of Your Windows Server in 10 Easy Steps

Choose NTFS over FAT when prompted to configure. Make sure you choose the latest service pack. Install only essential components Skip installing the full version of the operating system. Instead, choose the minimal custom installation and Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List leave out the non-required components. This not only keeps servers secure, but also reduces the need for maintenance as there are fewer patches and updates. How to Improve the Security of Your Windows Server in 10 Easy Steps

Also disable or remove any configurations you don’t need. Disable these accounts using Control Panel. Check that you have disabled them on the network in addition to locally. Disable your unnecessary open ports. Secure your administrator account Most attacks target the default Admin account on the Windows server.

Build in Extra Security From the Start

For example, make sure all passwords are strong and complex. Use a lockout policy. Make sure there is a session timeout after a period of inactivity. And implement two-factor authentication. Your firewall is your best defense against suspicious network traffic. Automate Your Windows Server Security Simplify user activity auditing and error detection with an automated log management system and log viewer for Windows .

Although, Most of the tedious work involved in searching, aggregating logs and customizing views can be done with an efficient log management system. With automated log management, you get advanced search capability along with a set of powerful analytics and alerts.

Install a Basic Backup

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This ultimately affects the integrity of the server. Are you guilty of any of the following configuration errors? In many cases, these patches have been missing for several months or even years. Check that a patch management system is in place to determine.

Who is responsible for putting relevant patches in place and organizing updates in a timely manner. In many cases, this is due to insufficient knowledge of the software or incompatibility issues. That make it easy to put the software to sleep.

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