How to Increase Your Sales With a Strong Guarantee

But today’s new generation of bloggers and entrepreneurs have discovered that this ancient offline technique can be one of the most powerful routes for more sales. And nothing kills a doubt faster than a sale. What makes a good guarantee? Teaching companies provide a shining example of assurance that leads directly to sales. They sell CDs, DVDs and digital downloads of renowned professors teaching philosophy, physics, economics, astronomy, literature, history, and other disciplines. Many of these lectures are ordered at a huge price, often amounting to hundreds of dollars. These are not fluffy 30 minute MP3s. They are long, in-depth lectures by some of the best minds in the country. This is the major share of change. Many of them talk about subjects my wife and I are fascinated by.

Reduce perceived risk and assurance

Too Many People Think That Selling Is About Talking People Into Buying Things, as if You Can Wear Down People With an Avalanche of Words . You Can although this may be true Not. You but Can Write All About Copying How You Want to Be Your Best, Offering Great Quality Sales and Including Lots of Great Content . However, It’s All Hong Kong Phone Number List for Nothing if Your Potential Buyer Has Any Doubts. Doubt Creates Hesitation. Hesitation Kills Sales. Answer? You Have to Reduce the Perceived Risk but People Feel So Accept Your although this may be true Offer Without but Hesitation. That’s the Key – Reducing Risk. Remember, if You Sell Online and People Can’t Experience What You’re Selling, to put it differently They’re Splitting With Their Own Money. They Can’t See It, Hear It, Touch It, Taste It, or Smell It. So, There Is Always a Level of Uncertainty and Risk.

How to Write a Risk Elimination Guarantee

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Hong Kong Phone Number List

There are four main areas your guarantee should do: Make sure to your customers that you trust the quality of your product. Spell out your terms clearly. Designate a generous time period for evaluation. Here are typical template guarantees: We supply the best parts in the world. They just create suspicion that you are a weasel. And guaranteed to be risky to you ? This is a common misunderstanding. The logic goes like this: “If I guarantee someone will refund the product after they receive it, they will kill me.” This is especially scary when people sell digital products. But, in the long run, what you gain from the extra sales will far outweigh what you lose from these limited few scammers. The only time you run a risk is when you offer crappy products.

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