How to Learn to React Natively in 2019

Why do programmers learn to react natively? Cross-platform development is popular because it helps create beautiful, interactive user interfaces and is economical, so a programmer always has diverse and fascinating projects to work on. The 2018 comprehensive State of JS survey highlights other advantages of React Native. Above all, developers appreciate its ecosystem of packages, neat programming style, and support for Facebook. Sudan B2B List The Facebook team provides specialists with comprehensive documentation, which greatly facilitates the learning process. How to Learn to React Natively in 2019

React Native Popularity – Statistics Besides what last year’s official JavaScript statistics point out, React Native remains one of the most used mobile development frameworks in 2019, as it allows developers to: create interactive UIs for mainly simple applications, create an application for iOS and Android simultaneously. How to Learn to React Natively in 2019

Why Do Programmers Learn to React

What to start with ? Good way to learn React Know the concepts You should delve into the basic concepts of React Native. The three basic elements you will encounter throughout your work with this framework are: Components – these are the main building blocks of React Native. They include classes or functions added to your code with JavaScript;

Modules – basically the packages containing the necessary functionality that you want to implement in an application; Bridge – a main element that provides communication between JavaScript and native code to implement specific functionality in an application. Obtain a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS Knowing web development first is a must, although you don’t have to dig too deep. Since React Native doesn’t use HTML and CSS in their typical understanding, some would say knowledge of these web technologies isn’t necessary.

Master your JavaScript skills

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To start your first React Native app, you’ll need to set up your programming environment and set it up correctly. So, the main list of tools for you would be: macOS. You can develop an Android application with any operating system because Android development has a less strict approach to programming. In case of iOS development, you will avoid configuration difficulties if you use the native operating system. So it’s best to use macOS for both platforms.

XCode and Android Studio. These are official programming environments used to build and run apps on Android and iOS. The basic principle lies in the compilation of React Native elements supported by Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin. Exhibition . Expo is a useful toolchain for beginners as it helps to understand how React Native works.

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