How to Make User-generated Content Work for the Your Brand

You may not be familiar with the term “user-generated content” or UGC. But UGC is all around. Us in the marketing materials we consume. Even resources that we don’t necessarily perceive as user-generated content often help companies sell more products. This can include a product review, Brazil Business Fax List a rating on Amazon, an unboxing video, or social media posts about the products. UGC is everywhere, and it’s up to brands to find it and leverage it in their marketing. How to Make User-generated Content Work for the Your Brand.

Bonus: Below, we’ve listed a few additional (but lesser-known) types of user-generated content: Instructional videos using specific products Blog posts Product unboxing videos Animated GIFs Has your company ever used them? Let us know in the comments below.

What Exactly Is User Generated Content (Ugc)?

British sustainable clothing brand Lucy & Yak shares a snap of a customer wearing a Lucy & Yak coat: This Instagram post perfectly encapsulates what user-generated content is: using customer photos to market products. Product or service. Whether posted on social media or anywhere else online. But what’s the deal with user-generated content?

Why are we so into it? Where can you pick it up and how do you make it work for your brand? User-generated content is genuine and trusted by buyers. Brands love content created by their users for two main reasons: They can reuse engaging content and share it as part of their own marketing efforts.

User-generated Content Is Genuine and Trusted by Buyers

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By sharing UGC created by happy customers, brands can convince potential customers to buy. Simply put, the trick behind UGC is that people trust others the most when it comes to purchasing decisions. Whether it’s an in-person recommendation from someone they know or an online review from another customer, potential buyers rely on social proof.

According to a 2017 survey by TurnTo, 90% of US consumers. Additionally, our own original research found that social proof matters to both Millennials and Gen Z shoppers. Then This chart shows why user-generated. Content is important for buyer decisions And some consumers. Even prefer UGC over original branded content.

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