How to Manage Ads in WordPress to Monetize Your Website

Not long ago I wrote about the different ways to earn income with your blog. One of the suggestions was to place and manage ads on your blog using ad networks. Ad networks are places like Google AdSense,, Propeller Ads, etc. But what if you Congo-Brazzaville B2B List want to sell ads directly? If your blog or website runs on WordPress, you can become your own advertising network by installing the AdRotate plugin. How to Manage Ads in WordPress to Monetize Your Website

I will show you how to install and configure AdRotate in this tutorial. But first, let’s talk about why you might want to sell advertising directly rather than using an ad network. Sell ​​ads on your WordPress site There are advantages to using an advertising network. How to Manage Ads in WordPress to Monetize Your Website

Sell ​​ads on Your WordPress Site

Create an account, insert code into your site and you display advertisements. You don’t need to find advertisers; the network takes care of it. You just set it and forget it, and ad revenue appears in your bank account. Who would turn down a bargain like that? But what if your website has just started and you don’t have much traffic yet? Some ad networks have minimum traffic figures that must be met.

Or what if your website contains material that is not authorized by ad networks? Most ad networks avoid content that they believe their advertisers might find objectionable. For any reason (and those reasons may change without notice). When you apply to an ad network, they evaluate your site and decide if they can do business with you.

Installing the Adrotate Plugin to Manage Ads in WordPress

Congo-Brazzaville B2B List

That’s fair enough; they have to satisfy the advertisers after all. But if they find a reason to refuse to work with you, you’re out of luck. Ad networks are in business to make money. They sell to advertisers and break off some of that sale to send to you. The size of the coin that reaches you is different for each network (and ad type).

But the fact remains, it’s still only part of what the advertiser pays. When you keep your ad business in-house, 100% of ad revenue goes into your pocket. If you really want to make money running ads on a WordPress site, it’s best to cut out the middleman. Convinced? Good! Let’s start with the plugin. Installing the AdRotate plugin to manage ads in WordPress Login to your WordPress admin panel. In the left navigation column, hover over the “Plugins” link and click the “Add New” link.

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