How to Manage Comment Notification Emails in WordPress

Comments are some of the most effective forms of interaction on WordPress websites. It gives people a chance to share ideas, Cyprus B2B List make suggestions, or otherwise engage with the author as well as other readers. But did you know that you can govern comment notification emails in WordPress?How to Manage Comment Notification Emails in WordPress

The CMS default settings do a decent job when it comes to functionality. However, there is so much more you can do with the WordPress comments section. How to Manage Comment Notification Emails in WordPress.

In this tutorial, I’ll go over some of the basics about the comment notification email in WordPress and what you can do with it. This area has a lot more abilities than you could use. How to Manage Comment Notification Emails in WordPress.

Default Comment Notification in WordPress

WordPress comes with the ability to control certain aspects of comments. It’s a functional system, but often lacks many customization properties. However, it’s not a terrible system if you just want something basic. First, let’s review email address notifications sent from WordPress. By default, these messages will go to the administrator’s email in the system. This is usually the address you used when setting up WordPress.

When you want to fine-tune the comments section, navigate to the “Discussion” area under Settings in WordPress. From here, you can change the way the system handles visitor comments in a number of ways. Change the settings of “Email me every time” according to your needs. For example, the website can send a notification email when someone posts a comment and when you have a comment pending moderation.

Comments Section Settings

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WordPress uses standard PHP protocols to send emails from its system. Although this is functional in most cases, sometimes it can come up with many different issues. In some cases, users have to spend time fixing the WordPress email system when it is not working properly. This leads many to prefer using SMTP instead of PHP to send emails.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP, is perhaps the most common form of sending email on the Internet. It uses your own servers, reducing the load on the website while giving you more control over how it works.


It’s a safer method of sending messages while offering greater professionalism. That’s not to say how many email processing platforms will automatically send PHP messages to the spam folder. The most popular system for using this form of email for WordPress is WP Mail SMTP. It is a feature-rich plugin that seamlessly connects your email host to the website.

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