How to Migrate a WordPress Site to Another Host

Moving a WordPress site from one host to another can be a complex task (and may even pose a few threats). If you don’t know how to get around it. However, website migration Spain WhatsApp Number List should be a straightforward process and even if you run into a problem or two, you should be able to fix it easily on your own. In this tutorial, you will learn exactly how to migrate a website to another host without any complications! Contents Migrate WordPress manually Migrating a WordPress Site Using SSH Migration via the WordPress command line Test and run the WordPress site Migrate WordPress Using Cloudways Migrator Plugin Why migrate WordPress to a new server Our Recommended WordPress Migration Best Practices The biggest problem you may face while migrating your website is data loss. How to Migrate a WordPress Site to Another Host

Worried about your website breaking during migration

If you lose important data while transferring your files, you risk messing up your website! Note that there are awesome migration plugins that can help you get the job done easily. And if you go with managed WordPress hosting, they will move the site for you. So be sure to check those options as well. Also, it is always best to back up your website with a WordPress backup plugin before migrating. Migrate WordPress Sites Manually This guide may turn out to be a tedious process for some people, so in the end, you can see how moving your site to Cloudways can be done in just 3 easy steps! For now, however, let’s focus on the steps to help you migrate your website to another web host without any hassle! Worried about your website breaking during migration?

Migrate WordPress Sites Manually

Spain WhatsApp Number List

Carefree. Have a Cloudways expert take care of it. Hire an expert I) Download files The first step is to download the files. You have two options for uploading the files to the new host. FTP-based method Log in to your existing hosting account, navigate to the file manager and to the folder containing the WordPress files. Compress (zip) all your WordPress files, then upload the zip file to the new hosting provider via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client or file manager provided by the new hosting account. Once downloaded, extract the zip file to the public_html folder . SSH method [The fastest way] Files can also be uploaded via SSH.

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