How to Optimize WordPress Images Using Wp Compress

The truth is, every website should have images. No matter what niche they are in, whether it’s an e-commerce site or a personal blog. Every website you come across will contain images. Images look great, they’re said to be worth a thousand words, and attention span decreases, so the more you  get across visually, the more likely you are to communicate Bahamas Phone Number List your message to the incoming visitor. How to Optimize WordPress Images Using Wp Compress.

The problem with images, however, is that they can weigh heavily on your website’s load times. When running a hosted WordPress website, your focus should be on getting more eyes on your website. But what happens when they never get to your website due to the dreaded slow loading times?

Faster Loading Images Are Now Effortless

Now imagine someone across the world trying to access this page on their mobile phone. Chances are they’ll come out before the loading bar is even halfway. These images are already on your website, in your WordPress media library ready to be optimized with just one click.

We had the chance to try a WordPress image optimization plugin, WP Compress and the results might surprise you. We compressed an image in one click with  WP Compress and saved over 72% of the file size. We then compressed and resized it to a reasonable size for the web and saved 96% of the total file size, bringing the huge 1.77MB image to a fast load of 77KB or a saving of 1. 70 MB.

While it might be effective to buy Photoshop

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WordPress Image Optimization Plugin While testing WP Compress – WordPress Image Optimizer, we found that it is not only easy to use, but also provides useful features such as fully standalone image optimization, affordable subscriptions and great file size savings on images – which directly translates into faster load times for your visitors.

WP Compress member, they take care of everything for you. Simply connect your website, select the settings you want, and your images will automatically be optimize daily. Even as a free user, you will be able to compress individual images or bulk optimize your entire media library with a single click. It’s still so simple. Why should you use WP Compress? WP Compress is the best WordPress image optimization plugin ever.

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