How to Stand Out in the World of Stupid Podcasting

hard to believe. Twenty-five years ago, 19-year-old Ella Glass was an intern at NPR and a terrible writer. It took him, he admits, eight years to learn how to effectively construct a story . Now, he hosts a weekly show with nearly two million listeners . Marc Malone is a late-30s comedian, twice divorced, and holds the record for late- night listening to the most guest spot Conan O’Brien was his only claim to fame when he started his podcast – a somewhat desperate gig Consider the fact that he’d just been fired from his job. He now regularly boasts comedy’s number one podcast on iTunes. As “Captain of the Job” at the Southern California construction firm, Pat Flynn loves his work and enjoys life. until he was fired. This event

Life Before the Podcast

Or, we gritted our teeth and bought a paid version, similar to a typing keyboard. We dutifully make a post every day – ranting about politics at the circus, or sharing our daily trauma, or teaching someone a new skill. Blogging is a boon for the shy and verbose. So, around 2004, came the podcast. Now, we can share our perspectives, plays, and skills using audio. Former MTV host Adam Curry , beat by new technology, has doubled down on Cameroon Phone Number List podcasting . In fact, he launched, a platform that makes it easy for you to subscribe to shows. But alas, the idea at the time was that it quietly burned the background before its time. It seems that even with an app like impolder.

The Rebirth of a Podcast Introduction

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Cameroon Phone Number List

Because of this, audio is now a foundational content format , giving you the opportunity to tap into vast distribution networks such as iTunes and Stitch. You see, if you’re only blogging, you can’t see these other online audiences. However, if you start a podcast, you become visible to these large networks and can also boost your podcast’s popularity by publishing transcripts online. And when audio is relatively cheap to create, why not do it. how cheap? Jarrod Morris and I produce a podcast with a couple of decent microphones via Skype or Google Hangouts. Jarrod edits using GarageBand, a free app from Apple. Then we publish to iTunes and sew. The cost is a transcript of our time and a small fee. Everything else is free.

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