How to Start a Book Blog With These Simple Steps

If you are thinking of starting a book blog, now is the time to do it. Whether you’re blogging about the book industry, reading, reading reviews, whatever angle you choose, starting a blog has never been easier. We’ll discuss what you need and how Norfolk Island B2B List to start building and promoting your site. What You’ll Need to Start a Book Blog A passion for books It seems obvious, I know. How to Start a Book Blog With These Simple Steps

But for a blog to survive and grow, you have to stay interested in it. Yes, it’s easy to start a blog, but as many bloggers find out, it’s also easy to abandon one. When you blog about something you love, your site is more likely to stick around for a long time. How to Start a Book Blog With These Simple Steps

You Can Create a Blog Yourself

A home for your blog I’m going to recommend that you start your own website, and I’ll talk more about that in a minute. (It’s easier than you think.) Popular blogging platforms have a purpose, but they come with a lot of strings attached. Sites like Blogger/Blogspot, Tumblr, and Medium all limit what you can do. You cannot correctly mark your site on these services.

They don’t perform well in Google search. To make matters worse, when you decide to move your blog to your own domain, the migration is not easy. A unique tilt or vantage point Blogging isn’t a sport, but if you want to get noticed, it ‘s a competition. You are competing with other book sites that rank above you in Google.

We Talked About Hosting Your Blog, and Here It Is

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We’ll talk about some ways to improve your odds, but a one-size-fits-all approach will do wonders. You can create a blog yourself Even if you don’t consider yourself a “technical” person, you can start a blog. Seriously. You don’t need to hire a developer or shell out big bucks for a content management system or template. We will use WordPress, which is free.

Let’s go over everything you need to get up and running. We talked about hosting your blog, and here it is It’s no surprise that I recommend GreenGeeks as the best place to host your blog. You are reading this on the GreenGeeks website, after all. But I believe that we are really the best option.

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