How to Turn a Boring Blog Design Into

People search for information on the internet and search for blogs that could satisfy their need for knowledge. People today may tend to Bangladesh Whatsapp Number List trust bloggers more than their favorite personalities, politicians, journalists, and even books. In general, people are interested in the content of your blog, but they also care a lot about its design. Quality and accurate content must be maintained. However, how this content is presented also affects how you can grab your audience’s attention. Thus, blog designs serve as an invitation card to your audience.

Be Afraid of White

You must be thinking that you have to consume all the whiteness of your blog design background to avoid boring feelings. But you have an error there. When creating a blog design, don’t treat white as an enemy that you need to defeat or eradicate. Instead, you should treat white as your ally. With all the colors and images you put in your blog posts; you should give the eyes of your audience a refresh. Leaving white space in your blog can help your readers’ eyes have time to relax. See also 6 things to consider before starting a website project Remember that you don’t necessarily need to remove all white space from your blog.

Light and Dark Contrast

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Bangladesh Whatsapp Number List

In case you don’t know what a color scheme is, it is a combination of colors used in the discipline of design. Choosing a color scheme for your blog posts can help your readers remember your posts more clearly. You can also consider it as your trademark. It also gives them an impression of your content, brand, and the ideas you promote. However, once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you need to make sure you’re consistent in using it. If you change the color schemes of your design, your audience will have a hard time remembering your blogs, especially when you use it for marketing.

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