How to Use All in One Favicon to Add More to WordPress

Before we jump into this All in One Favicon plugin tutorial, let’s go back in time for a moment. In the last century, almost all web browsers offered a list of favorites or bookmarks. As the web has grown, the favorites list has gone from a nice Zambia B2B List feature to a necessary addition. But if your list of favorites was long, it was sometimes difficult to find the site you were looking for. How to Use All in One Favicon to Add More to WordPress.

So, a savvy Microsoft developer created the favicon. This is a 16 x 16-pixel image that appears next to the website title, making it easy to identify a site. As long as your site had the .ico image file in its root directory, it was displayed in the favorites list. Soon all other browsers adopted the favicon, and in Internet Explorer, it started appearing next to the address bar. Now, of course, the chart appears in the browser tab. And if you think about it, tabs wouldn’t be as convenient without the humble favicon. How to Use All in One Favicon to Add More to WordPress.

Installing the All in One Favicon Plugin

Creating a favicon image isn’t always easy The .ico file format is a Windows format, so it hasn’t always been easy to create your own favicon image. Most graphics programs could not create the file. Even Photoshop needed a plugin to save a ico file.

Now, of course, there are websites that will convert your 16×16 pixel image file to .ico from almost any format. But why use a random website to create a .ico file if it’s not necessary? I will show you how to create a favicon for your WordPress site using a plugin, All In One Favicon. The All In One Favicon WordPress plugin even lets you add different graphics to your public site and admin pages.

Creating a Favicon Image Isn’t Always Easy

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You can upload a favicon or upload an image to create one. The plugin will create the image from a gif or Apple Touch Icon file. This is a simple single-function plugin, but let’s go through the steps to set your favicon. Installing the All In One Favicon Plugin Login to your WordPress admin panel. In the left navigation column, hover over the “Plugins” link and click the “Add New” link.

We’re just going to create a front-end favicon for the public areas of the site. But everything we do here applies to backend settings as well. It should be noted, however, that if you don’t specify a favicon for your admin area, none will be displayed. The image you specify for the front end will not appear on your admin pages. As you can see, there are four options for your file.

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