How to Win Customers and Influence Prospects for Business

During our recent research on the current state of small businesses. One of the topics we focused on was the marketing challenges and goals. That small businesses currently have for this year. For this research, we reached out to Australia School Email Lists 1,000 small businesses. With 100 or fewer employees, and asked them what their biggest marketing challenges. Were and what their goals were for 2019. And here’s what they had to say. How to Win Customers and Influence Prospects for Business

Small Business Marketing Challenge: Acquiring Customers and Growing Leads After taking the time to review our survey results, we noticed that when asked, the majority of small businesses said that one of their biggest marketing challenges was not just the acquisition of new customers. How to Win Customers and Influence Prospects for Business

Small Business Marketing Challenge

But also the increase of new quality prospects. Acquiring new customers only beat growing leads and leads by a few points, but the two go hand in hand. Small Business Marketing Goals for 2019: Acquire New Leads and Retain Old Ones When it came time for us to tally up the totals for the top small business goals for 2019, we weren’t surprised to see that acquiring new leads was the top performer, followed closely by retaining current customers.

While these trends are the result of our survey of small businesses, businesses of all sizes tend to share the same thoughts when it comes to their goals because in order to thrive, a business must continually fill its sales funnel. Having the right marketing strategy is what helps drive these new leads through your funnel, but before we get into strategy. Let’s see what respondents.

Acquiring Customers and Growing Leads

Australia School Email Lists

Have to say about their plans for achieving their goals for this year. How can small businesses better achieve these goals? During our research, we asked these small businesses. How they plan to achieve their marketing goals for the year. And the majority said their best chance of acquiring new customers was social media, closely followed through email marketing. Just one result from our State of Small Business Marketing guide.

Methods for earning and nurturing leads Based on our findings, we thought it would be beneficial for our readers to talk a bit about each of these methods for earning and nurturing leads and leads. Social media marketing and email marketing are both valuable channels to explore. So it is ultimately up to the individual brand to choose which one benefits them and their efforts the most.

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