How to Write a High Converting Start Here

slow travel staying in one place for a longer period of time while you’re on the road, and having the full experience in each place you stay. When I stumbled across it, the incredible photos and gorgeously designed website made my mouth water. It has now become one of my favorite travel sites as a traveler. One, one reason why the site attracted me during my first visit was Cheese Web’s amazing “Start Here” page . The page tells me: Who is the main Cheesier writer Why they started a slow travel blog where I can find my best content How can I connect with them via email and social media By the time I finished reading the “Start Here” page, I had become the site’s lead writer and a huge Alison

Give Every Visitor a Great Website Experience

They are cautious and look for any opportunity to fly the coop, so you need to be gentle with them . Your “Start Here” page allows you to be a patient, nurturing, non-threatening guide who is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, your “Start Here” page never needs to take time off. It’s on duty always waiting to give new visitors the New Zealand Phone Number List¬†experience, every moment of every day. A “Start Here” page may also be called “[your site name] 101,” “Start Your Journey,” “Getting Started,” or any other name of the site that informs new visitors that a page is an initial starting point. No matter what you call it, a great “start here” page can get you repeat visitors

A Brief Description of You and Your Mission

New Zealand Phone Number List
New Zealand Phone Number List

If you’re a larger business, you can explain the origin story of the business and talk about your company’s mission. Keep the story short – you can use your about page to reveal more details or post an official resume. Food blogger Lisa Leek brings a short version of the story on her Start Here page : Lisa Lick start page here 3. A clear message for your ideal reader or visitor People need to know if the information on your website will benefit. They want to reassure you that the content will meet their needs. You understand your ideal visitor’s problems and difficulties and let him know he’s in the right place to get the solution show. 4. Links give you the best content Your “Start Here” section is



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