Image Optimization Images Are a Very Important Factor on Websites

Keyword research based on log tail words 9. But, if we talk about ecommerce and online stores, images are vital for better positioning. It is essential that you always use photos of the real products and above all that they are original, that is, that they are your own. In this way the user can see your products in detail and thus increase  Vietnam WhatsApp Number List their confidence in your business. Images-ecommerce-optimization-seo the alt tag is used to include a detailed description of what is shown in the image . This is one of the main ranking factors in google, since it is the only existing way at the moment to describe the image to the algorithm and for it to understand what it is about. Image Optimization Images Are a Very Important Factor on Websites.

That the Best Option Is the Second!

All images must be correctly and consistently optimized. Thus, the name, alt texts, titles, captions, as well as the size and weight of the image must be correct. 10. Load speed now you know! Google wants the user to get the best experience browsing the web. Load speed refers to the time a user has to wait until your page is fully loaded. The ideal load time is estimate to be around 3 seconds or less. How long do your pages take to load? The point is that slow page loading is penalized by search engines and has an impact on rankings, both on mobile and desktop. Why might my upload speed be slow? A server with few resources large and heavy images poorly optimized browser and its plugins. Image Optimization Images Are a Very Important Factor on Websites.

The Page Template or Too Many Widgets

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It is usually associated with the layout of the page. Remember that the simpler and less ornate the better. You have a job, right? But it is not bad news! Well, you will be faithful to the new seo trends for ecommerce and improving your positioning in an important way. These are some of the techniques that we apply for the ecommerce positioning of our clients . If you have any questions contact us. Our expert team in digital marketing and seo positioning will help you get the most out of optimizing your online store. Who has never dreamed of attracting quality traffic to their website easily and simply?

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